Team Coalo

Elliot "Big Dog" Mermel

Our country was founded by and survives on the shoulders of farmers. Like many before him, Elliot decided to pack up and leave (old) New England, heading west to pursue a dream. It was in Los Angeles that this dream, ignited by passion and fueled by hard work, materialized as Coalo Valley Farms. As co-founder and CEO, Elliot has a deep understanding of and appreciation for global food supply shortages and hopes to galvanize the budding Ento-industry. With a hunger for innovation and a thirst for progress, Elliot and the Coalo Valley Farmers proudly raise California's first artisanal, food-grade crickets, right here in the San Fernando Valley.

Peter "Mama Bear" Markoe

Born and raised on the frozen tundra of Central Maine, Peter brings over six feet of exuberance and well balanced aptitude to the team.  Although he was a mathlete in his younger years, Peter went on to prove his worth as a card of wild nature in the Colby College English Department. To the world, Peter is Coalo’s COO and cofounder, but his coworkers know him as "Team Mom".

Lucas "Gas Hands" Haralson

Hailing from the small town of Brooklyn, New York, Lucas brings a positive attitude and winning smile to the farm every single day. After graduating with honors in Biology from Colby College, Lucas spent time studying turtles, toads, bats and dung beetles in South, Central and North America. While we still aren't sure how he got his nickname, we do know he's the best Chief Science Officer around.

Sophie "Mung Bean" Hamblett

Sophie Hamblett

Coalo is proud to include Sophie in their ranks as Marketing
Associate. She graduated from Colby College in 2014 with a dual major in Psychology and Art. Sophie's talents fit perfectly into Coalo's dynamic, lending her skills to the farm's social media platforms and blog, as well as our marketing and communications strategies.

Hadrien "Mr. Paris Shoes" Vasdeboncoeur

From their schoolboy years in Rhode Island to their time as roommates at Colby College, Elliot and Hadrien have been best friends through thick and thin. From day one, Hadrien has played a vital role in Coalo's business planning and financial forecasting. Currently based in Boston, Hadrien communicates regularly with the California team as he continues to manage Coalo's financials. The team hopes they can convince him to make the permanent move out west and embrace his true-calling as a Cricket Cowboy.


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