Coalo Valley Farms is a microfarm startup in the San Fernando Valley for the sustainable production and cruelty-free processing of premium cricket protein. We moved into our headquarters in Van Nuys, California in March 2015, revamping the space to create a welcoming, clean and efficient farm. 


Coalo Valley Farms serves businesses and individuals interested in eating healthily while reducing their environmental footprint. Cricket-based protein powder is a sustainable alternative to traditional livestock, farmed fish and even tofu. It also packs a major nutritional punch, with high levels of fiber, calcium, vitamin B-12 and more. Our mission is to give consumers a better option when it comes to protein. Are you ready to join the protein revolution?

We set ourselves apart from other insect farms with our state-of-the-art, in-house aquaponics system. Harnessing aquaponics technology allows us to grow a completely organic, plant-based diet for our crickets, minimizing environmental impact and increasing transparency. We strive to utilize all byproducts created during our food-growing and cricket-rearing processes.