Coalo Crick Powder™

Coalo Crick Powder™


This premium cricket powder, produced at our state-of-the-art insect farm in Los Angeles, is a sustainable, nutrient-dense source of protein.

With Coalo™ Crick™ Powder, you can easily add an extra dose of protein and other essential nutrients to any dish. According to our experts, it works especially well in smoothies and baked goods. Feel free to embark on your own culinary experiment, or follow our blog for tasty recipes and tips for cooking with edible insects!

About our crickets:

Here at Coalo™, we feel strongly that people should know where their food comes from- and also where their food’s food comes from. Our crickets’ diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, grown organically using our in-house aquaponics systems. These systems allow us to grow nutritious food efficiently, naturally and without the use of harmful chemicals. When our crickets reach the end of their natural life cycle, they are humanely harvested, dry roasted, de-legged and milled into powder.

Ingredients: Tropical House Cricket (Gryllodes sigillatus

Allergy Information: Processed in a facility that sometimes processes nuts. Those with a crustaceous shellfish allergy may also be allergic to crickets.  

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