Cocoa Cricks™

Cocoa Cricks™

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Our signature chocolate covered crickets started as part of a Valentine's Day special. But then we came to our senses: You don’t need a romantic holiday to enjoy chocolate. Cocoa Cricks™ are back by popular demand!  

Our chocolate covered crickets are:

  • A healthy, sustainable and exciting alternative to run-of-the-mill sweets

  • Made with exquisite dark chocolate that perfectly compliments our earthy dry-roasted crickets

  • An unexpected gift for that special someone who deserves so much more than an ordinary box of chocolates

  • The perfect snack for first-time entomophagists (seriously, some people will eat anything if it's covered in chocolate) 


Each package contains around 25 chocolates, with one cricket per chocolate.  Let chocolates melt in your mouth for a moment to embrace their chirp-tastic crunch.  


Our Partnership with Santa Barbara Chocolate:

Here at Coalo, we have high standards. We care deeply about nutrition, sustainability and especially taste. That's why we use Santa Barbara Chocolate's Organic Dark Chocolate to create our chocolate covered crickets. This California-based company is Coalo’s exclusive source for high-quality, gourmet chocolate. It’s gluten free, non-GMO, Ethical Trade, Kosher, and USDA Certified organic. And it tastes absolutely amazing.   


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