Curious about Edible Insects? Here are the Top 10 Entomophagy Articles on the Internet:

The Internet is an amazing resource. As entomophagy has grown in popularity, countless articles about edible insects have emerged online. We love that so many people are excited about the protein revolution. But sifting through all that information can be challenging, whether you’re an avid bug-eater or just beginning to take an interest in entomophagy.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite entomophagy-related pieces, catered to every type of cyber-surfer. Enjoy, and please let us know if there are any other articles you think we should add! 

1. Edible Insects- Future Prospects for Food and Feed Security

For the Academic.

If you’re already somewhat familiar with entomophagy, you may have heard about the Food and Agriculture Organization’s report on edible insects. Although not technically an article, it is so influential that we had to include it on our list. The report has played a major role in the recent emergence of edible insects throughout Europe, Canada and the US. Its authors outline the incredible potential of insects to feed and nourish the world’s growing population. We have to warn you: it contains 200 pages of scientific writing, but it’s totally worth reading if you want to expand your entomophagy knowledge!

2. How Entomophagy Works

For the Newbie.

Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant, of the popular podcast Stuff You Should Know, gives a short yet comprehensive overview of entomophagy. Bryant covers the history and health benefits of eating insects, as well as the cultural taboos associated with entomophagy. If you need to learn about edible insects ASAP, this article’s slideshow format makes the information easy to digest. 

Note: Stuff You Should Know produced a short podcast on entomophagy back in 2008, but we’d like to see an updated version now that edible insects are gaining popularity in the Western world!

3. Grub

For the Liberal Arts Major.

This well-written piece by Dana Goodyear is a fascinating read even if you don't plan on including bugs in your diet anytime soon. It focuses on individuals who have embraced edible insects, including scientists, professional chefs and one entomophagist who happens to be a grandmother of eight. Goodyear also delves into the fascinating recent history of edible insects, which we haven’t seen in many other articles. 

4. U.N. Urges Eating Insects; 8 Popular Bugs to Try

For the Trailblazer.

Crickets have been getting a lot of attention lately. In fact, they’re kind of hogging the spotlight. There are over 1,600 species of edible insects out there… so why not try something new? Find out what it’s like to eat ants, grasshoppers, stinkbugs and more in this National Geographic article. 

5. The Joys and Ethics of Insect Eating

For the Vegetarian.

NPR’s Barbara J King interviews Robert Nathan Allen, the founder of Little Herds and an important figure in the entomophagy world. RNA talks about edible insects in general, as well as his mission to grow the entomophagy movement through advocacy and education. This interview also tackles a frequently-debated issue: whether or not insects are vegetarian (the verdict: it depends). 

6. Edible Bugs and Insects: Are These High Protein Critters the Future of Food?

For the Fitness Fanatic.

Krista Scott-Dixon explores the nutritional side of edible insects, and explains why entomophagy could be the next big thing for fitness enthusiasts. She also includes recipes and some excellent tips on how to start incorporating insects into your diet. 

7. 20 Delicious Bug Recipes from Chefs

For the Foodie.

Maybe you’ve already caught the entomophagy bug and are looking for new and exciting recipes to try. Or perhaps you want to start cooking with insects, but have no idea where to begin. Either way, with dishes like Mealworm Arancini, Grasshopper Guacamole and Cricket Cobbler, this collection of recipes is guaranteed to take your culinary game to the next level.

8. Keep Showering, California. Just Lay off the Burgers & Nuts.

For the Environmentalist (and anyone who lives in California).

This piece by Bitty Foods co-founder Leslie Ziegler focuses on how agriculture has contributed to California’s devastating drought. Ziegler outlines the importance of finding a sustainable alternative to beef and explains why insects are a viable option. We love that the article is packed with powerful statistics about agriculture and water use. For example, did you know that the water required to produce ten hamburgers is equal to one year’s worth of showers? Major wake up call.

9. I Farm Crickets, the Future of Human Food: 7 Insane Truths

For the Wannabe Cricket Farmer.

In this interview with Cracked, our friend Kevin Bachhuber of Big Cricket Farms gets real about the challenges of cricket farming. It’s a must-read if you want to learn more about the insect farming industry!

10. What's stopping us from eating insects?

For the Squeamish.

As cricket farmers, we know from experience that many people react with disgust when they first encounter edible insects. This article examines Westerners’ discomfort with entomophagy through an anthropological lens. According to the author, our uneasiness stems from a number of factors: cultural identity, our relationship with food, how bugs are viewed in general and the nature of disgust as an emotion. We love this article because it reminds us that we can't address people's aversion to edible insects without examining where it comes from.

Bonus: Should We Eat Bugs?

For Everyone.

This isn't an article, but it is one of our favorite videos of all time. It's informative, visually appealing, and a must- see for anyone interested in entomophagy!