10 Questions with George, Coalo's New Team Member

Great News: Coalo Valley Farms has a new team member. George Hill joins us fresh out of Colby College, where he studied geology and worked on the Colby Organic Garden. After graduation this spring, he flew out to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a cricket farmer. We sat down with him recently to talk about entomophagy, farming, and life.

CVF: What exactly do you do here at Coalo Valley Farms?

GH: I was hired mainly to work on the aquaponics systems and also help out with the crickets and mealworms, so mostly working with the physical side of the business. Learning a lot as I go, of course.

CVF: What has your first week on the job been like?

GH: It’s a lot of fun, and a lot of learning. It’s definitely a grind working every single day, but it blows right by.

CVF: How did your family and friends react when you told them about your new job?

GH: My family was really, really into it. My grandmother (heard about entomophagy) on The Diane Rehm Show and after that she was really stoked about it.  People in my family are really into saving the environment.  And my friends were just jealous that I had a job.

CVF: Tell us about your farming experience.

GH: I’ve worked on organic farms and gardens for the past three summers. First with Eliot Coleman, on Four Season Farm in Downeast Maine. I was very lucky to get the job and learned an insane amount that summer. The next two summers I worked on the Colby College Organic Garden. The first summer it did poorly, which was tough after working on a super successful organic farm the year before. But we turned it around the next year. It was good to be able to fix our mistakes and turn things around.

CVF: So, we hear you’re from Canada. How do you like Los Angeles?

GH: There’s a lot left I have to explore. It’s really big and it has a lot of sprawl, which reminds me of Toronto. Toronto’s a very big sprawling city in a very populated area, kind of like Southern California.

The Valley is a very hot place. Prior to coming here the hottest weather I’d felt was actually in Toronto. It was like 36 degrees Celsius. It got up to 44 degrees here yesterday, so that’s been a pretty big difference.

Diversity is something that is very cool to me, especially coming from Nova Scotia. There’s lots of good Mexican food here, which is something that I’ve never really had. And there are tons of Japanese places, which I’m excited to start exploring. I was a Japanese minor and went abroad to Japan, and I know that California has the largest Japanese population in the US.

CVF: How did you get involved with Coalo Valley Farms?

GH: Meeting lots of great people at Colby- I heard that Elliot was starting a cricket farm and that was something I had been thinking about for a while. I was actually contemplating starting a cricket farm in my dorm room, so I was pretty amazed that someone else was interested in entomophagy.  I was more than willing to jump on board.

CVF: Why Entomophagy?

GH: It just makes the most sense to eat as far down on the food chain as you can. It’s pretty much as simple as that. If you want to be nice to the planet, eat low down on the food chain.

CVF: Favorite hobby?

GH: Skiing.

CVF: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

GH: Breathing underwater.

CVF: Does life fascinate you?

GH: Yes.

George has a bright future, and we are thrilled to have him on board. Let us know what you think of George, or if you have questions for any other members of our team!

-Team Coalo